Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Wisconsin


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Fox Valley:



  1. kirt

    looking for prepers in mil;waukee please email me thanks kirt

  2. Mary Lee

    I’m not in WI yet. I live in Evanston, north of Chicago, IL. I just found out that WI is a safety land and that just about all of IL is going to be under water when the poles shift. This will not be for a while, but it’s not that far off–maybe 5-7 years. So few have a clue!

    Anyway, am planning on saving up as much money as I can the next few months, taking a trip to WI for 12/21/2012,juat in case there is a reason to, looking for good farmland to buy in WI, though I know nothing yet about farming. Would appreciate any info. you might have re: good areas to look for this kind of thing, or a group already started on a WI farm that I could join.

    Thanks, Kirt, and whoever reads this.

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