Sep 02

Country and faith, needing both to succeed!

charlieinthebox166x125On this weeks show of Charlie in the Box radio it will be about those two topic’s that they say we should not talk about, because “it’s just going to start an argument”.. Religion and politics. When it comes to politics, I think John Adams says it best why we should be talking about politics; “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and John Adams govt-uses-fear600x600philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain”.

Tonight, I will do my best to break down his quote and bring up other important topic’s about government and politics that I think we as American’s should be talking about. When it comes to religion I think that’s were we as American’s got it all wrong. Religion is where many Americans are divided, and we all know that we should be united. Therefore we as mature men and women have to stop acting like children and have this adult conversation. We have to put our differences aside today and find out what we all have in common and what we as individuals stand for because if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

all_tyranny_jefferson400x300I would also like to talk about country and faith. Country is you, I, our community’s our States and the American Constitution, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights….Hopefully we can all agree on that part. If Americans are able to stand together there will be no tyranny that our enemy can send against us that we will not be able to defeat. The line has been drawn in the sand America, and you could keep backing up and drawing another one but as you can tell, your government will always over step there bounds. If you think that you can handle an adult conversation,..tune in to the Charlie in the Box radio show.

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Jul 30

Food Prepping with Dietary Restrictions

by kappydell

It is hard enough to store food that will be palatable to everyone, especially if you are prepping for a large group. It makes one nostalgic for the days of when one just ate whatever was served and were grateful to just fill the stomach. However, there are still times when special foods and preps become critical. One time is when medical dietary restrictions are placed on a person. They must stick to those restrictions or become ill, or possibly even die. Yes, it does complicate matters. When one cannot just eat an MRE or other pre-packaged commercial food.

I cannot speak for all dietary restrictions; I’m certain there are many I cannot even imagine. However, I have found some things that help with more common sugar and salt restricted diets.

Although there are many sugar free products on the market, availability would be compromised quickly if stores could not get resupplied. Obviously, a conscientious prepper will have supplies of artificial sweetener put away for emergency use. But each sweetener has its own characteristics and drawbacks in cooking. Aspartame loses its sweetness when heated and contains phenylalanine so it is not acceptable to those that are sensitive to that substance. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 06


by kappydell

Bones. Fat. Drained cooking water. Cores. Peels. What do all of these have in common? They are thrown away by many cooks who do not realize they can be saved and put to use. In earlier times they were saved because food was more precious and waste was abhorrent. Well, for many those times have come again and for others they are looming. So here are some ways to save and utilize these precious food resources. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 06


by kappydell

Vegetables are something you generally love, or hate to eat. Either way, you have to eat them to maintain optimum health. Either way, you want to get the most nutrition you can from them, or why bother eating them? One way to maximize plant foods’ nutritional value is to consume all the nutrients they came to you with by eating them raw, minimally cooking them, and by rescuing nutrients lost in cooking. Another way is to eat them in a way to maximize your absorption of as many nutrients as possible, such as eating fats with vegetables rich in the fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K; or acidic foods with foods rich in calcium. And a third way is to eat more parts of the same plants, utilizing parts that would normally be overlooked. All of these techniques would be very useful in an emergency situation when the selection of available vegetable foods would be sharply diminished, and the need for their nutrition more critical. You can also use them now, to get the most for your vegetable dollars.

Salads often combine several nutrient conserving techniques: raw or minimally cooked foods, and combining fats with foods rich in fat soluble vitamins. For those with impaired absorption, minimally cooking vegetables aids in nutrient uptake and leftovers are easily combined in prepared salads, saving money. Salads are also an easy way to eat more ‘parts’ of many vegetables by utilizing their sprouted seeds, or their shoots and leaves. And as I have come to learn, a good flavorful salad dressing covers a multitude of surprise ingredients as well as often adding a little acidic twang that helps with absorbing Read the rest of this entry »

May 12

Prepping with disabilities

Prepping with disabilities

by kappydell

Disabilities happen. If you are fortunate enough to avoid hereditary, accidental, and illness disabilities, then military, job related, and age related disabilities team up to complicate many folks’ lives. There are so many ways to become disabled, that for many folks, it is not so much a matter of ‘if’ as ‘when’ they will joining the ranks of the disabled. Disabilities make prepping even more critical; because they make one more vulnerable to losing the special aids they need to survive, and the disability funds they depend on.

For example, I had a spouse with a CPAP. As recommended by his doctor (and the electric company itself) I called the power company to advise them of his disability. Then I asked them if that meant we would get power restored any quicker if it went out. No. I asked if someone would bring him a way to power his CPAP so he would not die in his sleep if the power went out. No. I asked if they would be more understanding on payments if his Social Security check was late. No. Finally, (getting miffed) I asked just why the electric company wanted me to call and let them know a disabled person lived at our address. For their records, not to aid the disabled person. I remember thinking, “Well, that’s one more reason we prep….”

Having disabilities modifies many preps. With physical disabilities, bugging out becomes harder (if not impossible) so you need to pay more attention to hardening a bug-in location and choosing a bug-out location carefully. You need to monitor conditions more closely so you have extra time if you do choose bugging out, because it could take you considerably longer. Many physically disabled persons Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 12

Demystifying Dried Corn

by kappydell

To a beginner in prepping, corn can be confusing. We all know sweet corn, the garden vegetable and have seen it dried either as a dehydrated vegetable or for seeds. Is it the same dry corn that is listed as a major component in so many food plans? No, it is not.
Then is it popcorn, which is another dried corn staple in the grocery store? No, again.
Dry storage corn is field corn, usually sold as animal feed or for cornmeal.

Field corn comes in three basic types: dent, flint, and flour. Dent corn is the corn that dries with a dimple at the large end. It is commonly raised for animal feed. Flint corn is very brittle when dry, and grinds more easily by hand into cornmeal, whereas flour corn dries with a starchier texture that makes it superior for corn flour. Since corn varieties are wind pollinated, they cross easily, affecting the resulting ears of corn. So if you do raise several types of corn you need to take precautions to see they doesn’t cross pollinate.

I use dent corn in my recipes, since that is the most common and cheap corn in my area. Like all-purpose flour, it works reasonably well in a wide variety of uses. Though a gourmet might notice the difference between different field corns, just as he can tell the difference between cake flour bread flour, my taste buds are more interested in ‘how does it taste’ and that’s about all. So for those wondering about what can be made with the dent corn they are thinking of storing, here is how I use mine. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 02

foraged greens recipes

by kappydell

When I still lived in an apartment, I rented a garden space, shared with the mother in law of the farmer I rented it from. One day while I was weeding the garden, setting aside the lambs’ quarters to eat later, she noticed and asked me why I was saving the ‘weeds’. It turned out her family loved greens, so I gave her the pile I had set aside. Two days later, when I returned to do some weeding, I found that she had not only weeded both my garden and hers, she had saved and frozen all the edible weeds for later meals! She said they were much better than spinach. So we took a walk around the farm and I showed her which other weeds were edible, too.

Many foraged wild plants end up as potherbs, cooked like spinach. Since spinach in my area has a short season, then bolts and goes to seed, I generally do not bother planting it, instead picking and eating various wild greens in season. They are much more prolific. Choose your picking area carefully though, to stay away from Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Wisconsin


Map of all American Preppers Network and Partner meetup groups.

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Fox Valley:


Apr 13

Ready Radio Days

Ready Radio Days is a program that is selling weather radios at a discounted price.

Here is a list of television stations involved in the Ready Radio Days campaign:

WEAU-Eau Claire
Wednesday April 13
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Walgreens at 1819 South Hastings Way

WLUK-Green Bay
Thursday, April 14
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Mills Fleet Farm at 2460 Main Street

WKBT-La Crosse, WSAW-Wausau, WISC-Madison and WISN-Milwaukee will also participate in the program but have not set a date for their events.

See the pdf press release here

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Apr 12

Virtually Fat Free Cheesecake from food storage foods

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